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Portable Gauss meter using method

           Gauss meter using method

一 便携式高斯计

A portable Gauss meter


Portable Gauss meter is the first choice for static magnetic field measurement, which is easy to operate.

1.装如电池 拿到仪器拆下后边的电池盖,将9V充电式电池放入电池槽内,注意正负极方向。

1 pack, such as the battery to get the instrument removed behind the battery cover, the 9V rechargeable batteries into the battery slot, pay attention to the positive and negative direction.

2.外置充电器  MZ-510A和MZ-520A以及MZ-530A都有外置供电接口,插入外置9V直流电源适配器即可。

2 external charger MZ510A and MZ520A as well as MZ530A have external power supply interface, insert external 9V DC power adapter.

3.安装探头 将探头插入顶端的接口内,开机前请务必接好探头。

3 installation probe will probe into the top of the interface, before the boot, please be sure to connect the probe.

4.仪器开机 按下On/Off键即可实现开机,开机即显示当前的测量值。

4 instrument boot press On/Off key to achieve the boot, the boot is to show the current measurement.

5.仪器测量 开机预热几分钟,将探头置于远离磁体的空间中,按下清零键,然后将探头放置于要测量的磁体上,此时屏幕显示当前磁铁的磁性大小。

5 the instrument measures the power of the heating up for a few minutes, the probe is placed in the space away from the magnet, press the clear key, and then the probe is placed on the magnet to be measured, and the screen shows the magnetic size of the current magnet.


6 instruments MZ510 and MZ510A only test DC, MZ510 minimum measurement 1Gs, MZ-510A minimum measurement MZ520A, 0.1Gs can be measured AC and DC magnetic field


7 instrument shutdown: press the On/Off key for 3 seconds, the machine issued a beep sound, release the button to achieve shutdown.

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